Xbox Series X & S Are Available Today

November 10, 2020
Xbox Series X S

Generation next! A whole new generation of gaming is finally upon us, as the Xbox Series X and Series S are available today the world over. These two new gaming consoles have been in the news a long time, soaking up headlines.

The Xbox Series X is the successor to the Xbox One X.

It offers 4K resolution, high frame rates, and beautiful HDR. First teased in June 2019 as Project Scarlett, the Xbox Series X branding showed up in December.

The months following, specifications of this new console were detailed, like its 12TFLOPS GPU and a custom AMD Zen 2 octa-core CPU. The console also comes with an SSD for the first time for faster load times, and new features like Quick Resume that lets you pick up a game right where you left it.

The Xbox Series S, meanwhile, succeeds the Xbox One S.

It has a 4TFLOPS GPU that is at ease for 1440p gaming, and is housed in a much smaller chassis so that it does not take too much of a footprint in your living room.

Priced at $499 and $299 for the Series X and Series S respectively, these two new marvels of technology are now officially here.

Those of you who preordered them should see these units arriving on your doorsteps any minute now. Unfortunately, those of you who missed out on preorders, you are going to have a tough time finding them in stores. It’s a carnage out there.

Your only real bet is to keep checking online retailers.

Good luck!

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