Xbox Wireless Adapter Delayed Until January 2018

It’s official, dudes. And dudettes. Microsoft, for some really suspicious reason, has decided to delay the launch of the new Xbox Wireless Adapter until next year.

All the way to January 2018.

There were voices claiming this fact, even as this new gadget was announced to debut this month.

When the company announced this device, they pitched this as and new and improved wireless adapter would allow the use of the Xbox One controller on Windows 10, while being 66% smaller than the previous model, making this new one just about the size of a USB stick.

Here’s the big fat one, for comparison:

Anyway, in an unexpected move, Microsoft has today confirmed that the accessory will not reach the United States on the promised date, and has been pushed back to the start of next year.

Essentially, missing all the holiday hoopla in the most important market on the globe.

The company did not explain the reason for the delay in the launch of the adapters in the US, but there is every possibility that Redmond still has a high inventory of the original one and wants to sell the old model before launching the new one.

Because this decision to delay the delivery has only impacted the North American markets.

According to reports, the new Xbox Wireless Adapter will arrive in Japan in the coming days, and in Australia and New Zealand in September. While gamers in Europe may also be able to get their hands on it sooner rather than later.

This $24.99 gizmo is an exciting piece of technology, nevertheless, allowing gamers to simultaneously connect up to 8 controllers to their Windows 10 PCs without the use of cables by simply plugging it into a USB port.

There’s no support for Xbox 360 joysticks, in case you’re wondering, but Xbox One ones would do.

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