XOLO Set To Launch Their Second Windows Phone Soon

here, shipping manifests show the consignments of a smartphone from China to India last month that is referred to as the XOLO Win Q1000. XOLO Win Q1000 Shipment Little is known about the device, as the documentation only reveals that it will have support for dual SIM, and comes with a 5-inch display. Slightly up from the 4.7-inch screen on the Q900s. Additionally, the value of each handset is listed as INR 5,400, which comes in at $87. This, very obviously, is just the base price of the device, and not the final tag that includes markups, taxes and any other tariff charges that will be added to the smartphone when they go on sale. However, it does show that this is another low end devices, and not an expensive flagship. Data indicates that 10,000 units of the phone have shipped, along with an additional 2,000 dummy units for display in stores. The launch is probably not that far away now.]]>

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