Yes, this Windows 8 site was hacked

September 25, 2011

make sure you back up PLENTY and take it seriously. I could restore this site from absolutely nothing in 45 minutes. It takes time and money but it’s well worth the investment. I thought it was just me but I am sad to say, my hosting company (Inmotion Hosting) had a bunch of sites hit as well. Maybe it’s time to move to HostGator? Those of you who have VPS hosting, whats the best VPS hosting company out there?]]>

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  • Dude that sucks ass!

    Rodney Jenkins September 25, 2011 6:25 pm Reply
  • doesnt suprise me win 8 sucks anyways

    Biggthe2nd September 25, 2011 7:01 pm Reply
  • I’m sorry that happened!  And to answer your question, I’ve heard MediaTemple is good.  I put my web clients on Bluehost because it’s cheap and effective for their small uses, but my only big client was big enough that it demanded an on-site server array.  For that, I recommend HP.

    Mike Burroughs September 25, 2011 7:01 pm Reply
  • Time to use Linux on your webservers… You really have to ask what we think… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Irie111 September 25, 2011 8:30 pm Reply
  • I have actually been with iPage for many years and not had a problem once, other than an advance motive to me that I’ve been able to post to my site of sever maintaince. (which we all know has to happen from time to time). They have VPS, FrontPage apps and tools, and it works without a hitch. I’ve used PhP, SSH, and other methods to host, move and change various things it’s usually free to move your personal domain name when you setup and pay for your yearly account subscription and their servers are UNIX based. They have a full host of applications and features to use and best of all it’s very inexpensive to use, in fact less than HostGator… Take it for what it’s worth, I’m not a brainiac or a full fledged geek but when in comes to my time and money I’ve done my homework.

    Gary September 25, 2011 11:34 pm Reply

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