Yes, Windows Blue Will Be Called Windows 8.1 — Says Sources Reporting to ZDNET

While some of us have come to really like the sound of Windows Blue or even Windows 8 Blue, it has always been known that this is likely just a code-name and won’t be associated with the final product. Yesterday we reported on a screenshot that has surfaced referring to Windows Blue as “Windows 8.1”.

Being that yesterday was April Fool’s Day, it was hard to say whether it was just a hoax, or the real deal. The idea of calling Blue by the name Windows 8.1 isn’t that surprising though, and it is REAL.

Mary Jo Foley has now piped in and said that her sources close to Microsoft says that the top-level branding for Windows Blue will still be Windows 8, with the sub-branding being 8.1. This is similar to how officials talked about Windows Phone 7.5 Mango as part of the Windows Phone 7 family.

What does this mean?

Although the Blue name will probably stick (just like Mango and Apollo names are sometimes still used), Windows 8.1 will be the real name. This also tells us a bit more about the future of Windows 8.

We’ve been repeatedly told that Windows 8 has multiple selling seasons, and using the name Windows 8.1 helps affirm that this might be one of many versions of Windows 8 in the year to come. It also makes it more likely that Windows 9 will still be at least a few years away.

Do you like the idea of Blue simply being called “Windows 8.1” or do you hope they incorporate the color branding into the title, similar to how OS X has both 10.x numbering and also uses its cat-based codename? Share your thoughts below.

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