Yes, Windows XP has helped the PC market that has been going down since Windows 7

IDC and Gartner have confirmed, shipments were down only 4.4 percent and 1.7 percent in the first quarter of the year. Holy discrepancy, Batman! But at least, these numbers are much better than the previous expectations of a dip of 5.3 percent; which in of itself is much better than the 10 or so percent that the industry has been experiencing in various phases and frames. The threat, ladies and gentlemen, still remains. These are the very clouds that threatened the PC industry when Windows 7 launched. And then they rained. And they rained. And rained. The increasing prowess (and subsequently focus) on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets meant that the PC hardware market was always under the radar. Declining consumer interest gave way to reclining sales numbers. Windows XP might have played its part in this final hurrah, and it just may do so for another quarter or two. But it does confirm that Windows 8 was not the culprit it was made up to be when it launched. Hardware makers just pinned unnecessary hopes on a piece of software to do their work. No longer do people rush out to buy new operating systems like they did in the past. Modern operating systems just work – unlike the all or nothing days of the past. The days of the PC market raking in big numbers (during the 2000s) are well and truly behind us now. It is about time everyone in the industry adjusted to zero growth going forward.]]>

Written by Philip Paulson


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