You can now safely put your wallet in Edge

September 9, 2022

Keep it secret, keep it safe! Microsoft Edge is about to get a Wallet feature that could be a very convenient way to securely manage your physical cards online.

Not only that, you will also discover related offers automatically via this new feature.

This new addition is similar in concept to an existing feature in Edge that lets you store your cards. When you buy something on the web, these cards are used, and your credentials are then easily used to complete the purchase.

The company plans to take these capabilities to the next level.

The Wallet feature will take over when you make a payment using Microsoft Edge. When it comes across a field for entering the credit card number and associated details, like the CVV number, the browser will ask if you want to use a saved card instead.

It is worth mentioning here that Microsoft is not working with credit card providers and networks or sharing your details with third parties — it is simply making the current payments feature in Edge better.

The company does plan to use the Bing Rebates feature and automatically recommend coupons.

These capabilities will not only let you save more than $50 a year, but you can avail of additional cashback on select purchases and view personalized deals on products that interest you the most. Edge will get the ability to automatically apply coupons at the checkout by detecting your card and its vendor.

Microsoft Edge Wallet

The new Wallet page is available to select users in the United States, and Microsoft appears to be A/B testing this feature now.

What this means is that even if you download and run Edge Canary, you will not be able to access the Wallet page unless your device is included in this closed system.

While the initial rollout is for US customers only, as of this writing, support for more regions is coming later this year.

Likewise, this extra layer of credit card security will be built into Microsoft Edge on both Windows 11 and Windows 10, with arrival on other platforms like macOS and Android promised at a later date. Your wallet will, obviously, automatically sync across devices.

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