You Can Now Search For Tweets And Hashtags On Bing

talked about this in an announcement on its blog, saying:

“Through an exclusive partnership with Twitter, Bing is rolling out a fast and intuitive way to discover tweets directly in its search results. Now when you search for a trending hashtag, Bing will show the most relevant tweets directly in the search results – in near real-time.”
Obviously, in real time! Basically people can now user Bing to search for pretty much anything on Twitter — which should come in handy for users on all platforms, desktop, tablets and mobile. The social network is growing larger by the minute with around six thousand tweets sent every second. bing_twitter_search_a Redmond has been trying to bring more social elements to Bing, and this new partnership is definitely a step in the right direction. And this feature is fairy powerful, as expected. Particularly the search for specific Twitter handles is very intuitive — though icons for verified accounts would have been a better bet, instead of plain text. Anyway, this new feature is already available in the US Bing homepage, and the company is currently rolling it out for users across the globe.]]>

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