You Might Be Able To Install Android On HTC One W8

upcoming smartphone could flash and install Android on HTC One W8. It will take some extra work to set up the different operating system, but the option it seems is there for the taking. This has been revealed by Upleaks, a source that has a good record on things like these. According to the leaker, the HTC W8 bootloader supports HTC M8 UL and M8 WL. Some ingenuity from developers will be required to port Windows Phone 8.1 to HTC M8 or Android 4.4 KitKat to the upcoming HTC W8. And that is because both smartphones are reported to come with the same hardware configuration, to go with the open bootloader that HTC seems to be going with. If the process is easy enough, there might be a fair share of people that might want to try Windows Phone on their HTC One M8 handset and see how Microsoft’s operating system compares to Android. Less chance of seeing Windows Phone users switching to Android after purchasing the W8. More on this as, or if, it develops.]]>

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