You’ll Finally Be Able To Resume Windows Updates

We all know the feeling. With Windows updates going crazy up in size, deploying and installing these updates and patches is quite a process. One that is about to get streamlined very soon.

With Windows 10 taking a long time to install updates, you are only asking for trouble if you shut down or reboot your PC before they are done. Booting back up throws around error messages in the Windows Update panel, with a retry button asking you to start the process over.

Not my idea of a fun time!

Luckily, Microsoft thinks so too.

According to this reliable little report, the software titan is working on improvements on this front.

Basically, the company will soon allow users the ability to resume the download and install process, instead of starting everything from scratch. And while this is good news for almost everyone, it’s actually a great development for users that have slow Internet connections and old computers.

Oh, and not to mention folks who travel a lot, and are stuck with public WiFi spots that are not only slow but frequently disconnect.

And in case you’re wondering, where this news comes from, it’s straight from the mouth of Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar. Though that said, she did not share specific details on when this feature will become available to users.

It’s remarkable to think that a feature like this has taken so long to arrive.

But it’s coming alright.


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