Your feedback about what you want to see in Windows 8 Beta

Windows 8 feedback Windows 8 feedback[/caption] So I had asked you guys and girls for your comments regarding Windows 8 and what you wanted to see and a lot of the comments are in already. You can see them here. A lot of the comments were repetitive but the theme for the top 4 requests was pretty clear.

  1. People want to see Microsoft separate the Windows Desktop from the Metro interface more clearly. The two interfaces are very distinct and from some of the comments, it seems like Metro is viewed like an optional Windows theme. People think that the back and forth is a little too intrusive and would like to see Metro as more of an option than an integral part of the core interface.
  2. Someone asked a good question – Why can’t Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials be combined into one program?
  3. There were requests for multi-lingual support for the Windows 8 Beta. I’m not sure when the languages will kick in but there seems to be a demand for languages other than English. I believe French was the language requested in the comments.
  4. Less Versions: A crowd favorite – people want to see less versions of Windows 8 when it’s released. Home Premium, Super Home Premium etc have worn out their welcomes apparently.
Well, I’ll keep adding to this list as they keep coming but feel free to use the comments below or the comments on the original page to respond. So that’s that but what about you? What are the most important things you would like to see in Windows 8?]]>

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