Your Phone App Gets 3 New Features

Your Phone

Slowly yet steadily. It took some time coming, but the Your Phone app is now playing a much more important role for Microsoft as it looks to bridge the gap between the PC and mobile worlds.

You are now able to pair your Android devices with Windows 10 computers, then access content on your mobile like messages and images straight from your desktop. Throw in the partnership with Samsung, and it is also possible to run apps from your PC.

And now, there are signs that Microsoft is working on polishing the experience with the Your Phone application even further.

Three new features seem to be in development.

First of these is a What’s New Screen that is being added to the app. It will show up after each update, and will ensure that users are aware of the improvements that have made it to the application. This will make it easier to discover new features.

Second is the ability to delete photos on your phone right from your PC. This streamlines the management of the image galleries on your mobile device, and enables the option of using mouse and keyboard. A confirmation dialog shows up every time you delete a photo.

And finally, the Your Phone app comes with a toggle to run the app at startup, which comes as no surprise considering it is now taking center stage for the OS.

These new features are live for some users, and are on track to launch for everybody gradually.

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