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New Xbox UI

That’s more like it! As Redmond gears up to launch the Xbox Series X in November, it has just unveiled a new Xbox experience that will be coming to the consoles, mobile devices, and Windows 10 PCs.

We have already seen glimpses of this new design language in the Xbox app, the Game Pass app for mobile, and the redesigned Microsoft Store on Xbox One. But the company has finally unveiled the full look of this refresh.

And as you can see, it’s much more than a fresh coat of paint.

Chris Novak, Head of Xbox Research & Design explains the design philosophy:

“The new Xbox look and feel is designed to be faster to use, more approachable and visually appealing. This holiday it will be shared across all Xbox mobile apps, Xbox Game Pass on PC, and of course Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. Text is more readable, elements on screen are easier to understand at a glance, and accomplishing your tasks is faster than ever. This includes tile shape, fonts, an updated illustration style, and more.”

Here are some screens that show off what Microsoft has been cooking:

The refreshed UI not only looks slick, but it designed to be fast. And this is something that the Xbox dashboard has historically struggled with, and what Microsoft has truly focused on this time around when designing.

Apparently, when you boot up the Xbox, the home screen will now load 50% faster, and nearly 30% faster when returning to it from a game.

Furthermore, these improvements use 40% less memory than what was previously required.

In addition to this design revamp of the Xbox OS, new Xbox mobile apps are also in development. They will come with a bunch of useful new features like mobile notifications that will now reflect your gaming activity across console, PC, and mobile. It will also let you share clips that you record.

Solid stuff.

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