Ceton Rebrands its Media Extender Services, Additionally Now Releases Windows 8/RT “My Media Center” App

Ceton is known for its Media Extender PC hardware, software and mobile apps. Now the company is chainging its branding efforts to put all of their extender apps under “My Media Center” branding.

So what’s in a name? Not much, but they have also now launched a brand new Windows 8 My Media Center app to go along with the effort. The new Windows 8 Media Center app will cost $4.99 and supports both Windows RT and Windows 8 despite the name. You will still need a PC running the “My Media Center Services” desktop application in order for it to function. So what’s the purpose of the Windows Store app? Pretty much the same as the other mobile apps released by Ceton, it provides a way for customers to watch content streamed from their “Media center PC”.

As for the the PC needed? It can PC can be any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, though a TV tuner is pretty much required if you want some of the more advanced recording functions that will allow you to push TV programming to your Windows 8, Android, iOS and other devices.

Do you use Ceton Media Extender software, if so what do you think of the news of the rebranding and the release of the new Windows 8 app?

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