Dropbox App For Windows 8 Arrives To Scathing Reviews

The question that comes up is why release something when it is very obviously not ready.

Dropbox for Windows 8 was one of the most anticipated apps in the Windows Store, with the company promising smooth performance, effortless efficiency all wrapped up in a slick Modern (or Metro, for those that still want it call it that) user interface.

The app was just released, but only two of the promises were delivered upon — Dropbox for Windows 8 is anything but efficient. It comes with a frustrating lack of features.

While the app registered thousands of downloads, most users are completely disappointed by it.

It is essentially just an interface for the files saved in user’s accounts, instead of an app to help users manage the files. So much so that the app does not incorporate download and upload features and users are essentially left browsing files and folders.

And rightly so, early downloaders flattened the app:

“I’ve used Dropbox on my iPhone, PC, OS X and Ubuntu and this is the first I didn’t like. You can select files, but you can’t do anything with them. Text files don’t open inline. Even simple HTML or MD files. You can’t upload or sync or even download. Why even release this?”

And another one noted:

“The only thing you can do with this app is view files. Can’t create folders, share files with others or more importantly, download files. Useless.”

Still, Dropbox will most definitely take the reviews into account and an improved version will most likely see the light of the day very soon.

Not all is lost, however. The application integrates with Windows 8 quite nicely, allowing easy sharing of photos, files and folders using the Share Charm. Plus, files saved in a Dropbox account can quickly be searched using the Search Charm.

The app supports all builds of Windows 8 including x86, x64 and ARM version.

Click here to check out the Dropbox app on the Windows Store.

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