Hardware Vendors Believe Windows Will Continue Its World Domination

The world is set to remain four-color. The four colors of Microsoft Windows, that is. Despite threats from various other operating systems, industry vendors still believe that Microsoft’s OS will continue its domination of the technology world.

Even though Windows still remains the number one operating system in terms of overall market share, it is facing some sustained competition from Google and other companies.

So much so that some analysts expressed views that these could be a threat to Microsoft’s domination of the computing world, and things could change a fair bit in the near future.

But OEM vendors based in Taiwan, talking to Digitimes, lay to rest the talk about winds of change. They believe that while Chrome OS is still regarded as a potential threat to Windows, Redmond will continue to be the number one platform for the netbook market for the foreseeable future.

Netbooks, is obviously, one area that Google hopes to hit Microsoft. This does not mean that Google will rest on its laurels — the search engine giant will continue its efforts in this regard.

But so is Microsoft.

Redmond is said to be working on the successor of Windows 8 already, reports suggest.

Windows Blue is said to be the first major upgrade for Windows 8, and is set to go on sale in June this year. Windows 9, the full-featured successor, on the other hand, is expected to see daylight sometime in November 2014.

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