Interesting news about the Windows 8 RTM

My sources also tell me that Windows 8 was complete for about two weeks before Microsoft officially declared RTM and the final build was actually delivered internally and to key partners days ago. (The final build was compiled last Wednesday, on July 25.) Windows executives had spent much of the previous week debating internal matters such as what the final build number would be: Microsoft routinely and arbitrarily increments the build to meet some internal desire to be witty, and Windows 8 was no different. After moving through various 85xx build numbers late in development, Microsoft decided that the final build number would be—wait for it—8888. But showstopper bug necessitated incrementing the build again, to 9200. Interesting. Through the grapevine I heard the 8888 rumor but I had no idea the build was ready two weeks ago. Source]]>

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