Internet Explorer Still Fighting It Out With Chrome, StatCounter Data Shows

Microsoft has, in the past few months, spared some very active promotion for Internet Explorer. But the browser itself has had a bit of a tough time at the top with Google Chrome, latest statistics show.

Different sources show different numbers, but this much is certain that Google Chrome is IE’s biggest competitor in its battle for supremacy in this particular domain.

The latest numbers from StatCounter for the 12th week of 2013 reveal that Chrome 25 is the top browsers of choice worldwide and enjoys a market share of 32.97 percent. It is followed by Internet Explorer 9 with 16.1 percent.

Firefox 19 takes the third position with 15.29 percent and Internet Explorer 8 has to make do with a fourth slot with its 11.3 percent market share.

Overall, combined versions show that Chrome has conquered no less than 36.91 percent total market share, and Internet Explorer is installed on 30.76 percent of Internet connected computers that were tallied up in this database.

Things are quite a bit different when it comes to data reported by Net Applications where Internet Explorer is the dominant force in the browser software market with a 55.82 percent of the pie.

Google Chrome is actually third in that place with only 16.27 percent market to its name.

Ultimately, though it all comes down to a matter of user choice. Most modern web browsers have reached a stage of development whereby almost all come loaded with support for the latest Internet technologies and offer secure browsing.

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