John Dvorak unleashes the machine guns on Windows 8

marketwatch blog, John C Dvorak unloads on Windows 8 with a passion. Some choice quotes:

Windows 8 looks to me to be an unmitigated disaster that could decidedly hurt the company and its future.

It’s not that the product out-and-out stinks. It is refreshingly slick-looking and modern, albeit without any charm whatsoever.

The real problem is that it is both unusable and annoying. It makes your teeth itch as you keep asking, “Why are they doing this!?”

There is an old-fashioned desktop you can visit, but whenever the OS gets the chance, it throws you back onto the Metro interface. For those of us who thought we could avoid Metro and live on the desktop screen, we are going to be sorely disappointed.
His prediction:
The public and enterprise users are going to demand Windows 7 throughout 2013 and until Microsoft gives up on this soulless Metro interface and gets a new design team, fast.
It’s definitely a hard nosed assessment of where this product is. You’ve seen my (final) Windows 8 review and now you can read his. What do you think of Mr Dvorak’s statements?]]>

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