Microsoft Has Apparently Fixed The Surface Random Muting Bug

Never a bad feeling reading about something like this, that is a given. It has been over three months since the random muting issue for Surface tablets was reported, but now seems Microsoft may just have quashed the bug.

The latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates included several Surface RT and Surface Pro fixes, most of them specifically aimed at resolving a bunch of long prevailing issues affecting the company’s slates.

One of them is reportedly, the Surface muting bug that caused the tablet to suddenly cut the sound on at random. As you can tell, frustrating as frustrating gets.

But some posts on the official Microsoft Answers forum seem to suggest that this issue is now a thing of the past. Here, read for yourself:

“Since the recent update in March my Surface appears not to be randomly muting anymore. I hope the problem is solved, thanks for the helpful info and the patch Microsoft. Be interesting to know if the problem has been solved for everyone.”

As far as Redmond is concerned, the company is yet to publicly confirm whether the bug has been fixed or not. Chances are that it is waiting for confirmation from a few more users before doing so.

Nevertheless, expect more on this soon, as more and more users deploy the latest set of patches.

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