Microsoft Releases HealthVault App for Windows Store

Not too long ago we talked about how TalkingTiles, a Windows Store app for Windows 8 that was designed specifically for professionals that deal with people with communication disabilities. The TalkingTiles app was very impressive and a very welcome addition to the Windows Store but that’s far from the only healthcare-related Windows 8 app out there.

In fact, Microsoft has now announced that that is is preparing to launch its own HealthVault app for Windows 8. Here is Microsoft’s own words on the matter:

HealthVault enables consumers to collect, store and securely share their personal health information, and connects to hundreds of third-party services and devices that make it easy to keep that information up to date. The new app brings this critical family information to life with a modern, touch-first user experience on Surface and other Windows 8 devices.

This is just another way that Microsoft helps show that their tablets are about a heck of a lot more than just entertainment and consumption. Sure, similar apps probably exist on the iPad or even Android, but it seems like Windows 8 is continuing to get more and more of these kinds of specialty apps as of late.

For those that don’t know what HealthVault is, it is a Microsoft web-based service that started in 2007 and also branched out to apps for iOS and Windows Phone.

Okay, so what exactly is HealthVault for? It is aimed at everyday people that are looking to track progress towards health goals. It also has a place to manage your weight, track your exercise, steps and diet. Additionally you can even monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and view/edit details of your family’s most important health info. In short, it is a great tool that can help you stay fit and learn more about improving your overall health.

According to the official press release, this is just one of 850 medical-based Windows 8 apps already available for the Windows Store.

Some of these apps are aimed at professionals, others at every day people that are using the apps for health questions, tracking and more. One of the most expensive Windows Store apps around is actually a medical office tracking app called Pariscribe, which $499.99.

Outside of the new HealthVault app, Microsoft also announced it would be teaming up with the Cleveland Clinic to launch a pilot program that uses Windows 8. The program will explore Windows 8 and Intel-powered mobile devices potential for viewing a risk-stratified list of patients and calling up their latest medical information.

Anyhow, for those interested in the new Windows 8 HealthVault app, it is now available through the Store, completely for free. What do you think of the new app, additionally what do you think of Microsoft’s commitment to expanding Windows 8 and other Microsoft products into professional environments like the world of healthcare? Share your thoughts below.

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