Microsoft Said To Be Already Testing Prototypes Of Its Smart Watch

The battle of smart watches is about to heat up. While Google has been focused on the Google Glass project, other technology titans have shifted their attention to smart watches.

You know, technology titans like Apple, Samsung, and – wait for it – Microsoft.

Redmond already has a pretty vibrant mobile ecosystem (though one that is still in its infancy) and the addition of a smart watch makes perfect sense for the company. And the good news is that Microsoft seems to be really keen on striking early blows in this new arena.

While various reports over the past few weeks have indicated that Redmond is interested in developing its very own Windows based smart watch, a new rumor reveals that the technology giant is already testing several prototypes.

Fast forward, much?

In fact, The Verge, citing unnamed sources claims that the company’s smart watch project is being handled by the Xbox division.

The company initially planned to develop a heart rate monitor for its gaming console, but now the project has evolved and the engineers are currently working on a smart watch sporting a 1.5-inch display along with a magnetic power connector — not unlike the one that already comes with Surface tablets.

Intriguing, very intriguing!

The connector, as you may be aware, actually comes with five pins, allowing for the transfer of both data and power. What this means is that the smart watch would very likely be capable of syncing information with other Windows devices like computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Nothing concrete on the release date, but word is that Microsoft may unveil the smart watch sometimes later this year — quite possibly in the last couple of months of 2013.

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