Office 2016 For Mac Preview Now Available For Download

It has been a while coming but Office 2016 for Mac Preview is now up for grabs for people that want to try out these new bits. This is a major update for the productivity suite on OS X.

The last major version was made available in 2011.

Microsoft have listed all the new features of this release on a feature page here. And expectedly, this new version comes with a lot of new options — many of which are still in final stages of development, but users can try them today.

Redmond is also open for feedback on this, and if you deploy this test version, you will have the ability to send feedback from inside the applications.

There’s a smiley face in the top right corner of each app.

Speaking of applications, this release comes with updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. It also comes with a much more refined user interface with a modern new task pane as well as support for Retina displays.

Well, obviously.

Available free of charge to users, Office 2016 for Mac Preview only works on the latest version of Mac OS X, which is 10.10, also known as Yosemite. But the good thing is that you can run these applications alongside Office 2011 on your machine, in case you have the previous version installed.

The download comes in at 2.5GB and takes up around 6GB overall once the installation is complete.

Ready to deploy?

Download: Office 2016 Preview for Mac

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