Qualcomm Unleashes Eight Core 64-Bit Processor For Mobile Devices

report reveals, this astonishing chipset is based on the newest ARM 64-bit architecture, ARMv8. And the company has also introduced a quad-core variant that goes by the name of the Snapdragon 610. But who needs a quad-core, right? Along with the blazing fast performance, devices powered by this chip will be able to wirelessly stream 4K video (at a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels) with the integrated H.265 hardware decoder. This is to go with integrated LTE chip, alongside 802.11 ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1. There already are a few eight core mobile processors available on the market right now, but the arrival of this solution from Qualcomm might mean that more Windows RT tablets and devices could well be around the corner. Around the corner as in next year — Qualcomm plans to ship reference designs based on the new chip architecture in the final quarter of the year, and new hardware will only arrive after that.]]>

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