Rumor: Microsoft To Launch Its Very Own Google Glass Rival

If there is one thing Microsoft is overly keen on these days, its innovation. While some may say that the software titan has been slow to react to phenomena like the Internet and mobile computing, both are things of the past.

Redmond has, in fact, made its mark on the Internet front, and is now knee-deep in the mobile arena with solutions like Surface and Windows Phone.

But the fact remains that its direct competitors (Google and Apple in particular) are already looking ahead to wearable computing technologies. Several new products are said to be in development, from Google Glass to Apple iWatch.

And even though Microsoft is betting really big on touch computing, the technology titan is also showing increased interest in wearable technology. It is believed to be working on a new device that would take Google Glass head on — literally speaking, of course.

Analyst Brian White recently revealed during a conference with investors that Microsoft is very likely to come up with something similar to Google Glass. A device, the analyst believes, that could possibly be running Windows or a modified version of its operating system.

According to Apple Insider he was quoted as saying:

“It appears to us that Google has made significant breakthroughs around software applications as it relates to this new product. As such, we believe this initiative will kick off a major push into the field of wearable electronics and therefore will be closely scrutinized.”

Earliest of rumors, yes, and it is futile to expect Microsoft to release a comment on something like this so far out, but it appears that Redmond is indeed cooking something up. If true, it is speculated that Microsoft will go and integrate features beyond what are said to be included in Google Glass.

Speaking of early, the analyst claims that Microsoft is working on this project as of right now, and first prototypes are expected to be released in early 2014, before eventually going on sale later that year.

Either way, 2014 promises to be a very interesting year for Microsoft — not only will the company come out with the next major release of its flagship OS, new Surface tablets and several key products look set to be joined by a wearable technology effort.

One thing is for sure — we can hardly wait.

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