Rumor: Nokia’s Tablet will run on x86 processor, won’t be seen at MWC

For those that follow mobile technology, you probably already have February 25th through the 28th circled on your calendars. For the rest of you, that’s when Mobile World Congress takes place, one of the biggest events in the mobile world.

For those that are fans of Nokia and Microsoft, this year looks to be pretty exciting. There has been tons of rumors floating about in regards to Nokia. There are rumors of several different Nokia Lumia 920 variants, and even citings of the Nokia Lumia 1000, 520, and 720.

What about a tablet though? We continue to hear grumblings that indicate that Nokia is working on a tablet, perhaps something that will run on a smaller display. That said, information from Strategy Analytics’ Tablet and Touchscreen Strategies service claims that a tablet will not be seen at MWC.

Supposedly that’s because Nokia could be moving away from their plans to focus on a Windows RT tablet and instead focusing on something running Windows 8 Pro, hence creating a delay in their reveal plans.

With more powerful x86 ATOM chips just around the corner and RT sales doing modest at best, it is possible that Nokia could have decided that Windows RT just isn’t an option for them. You have to wonder how well Windows 8 would work on a 7-inch device though, also if Nokia really isn’t going the ARM route, it further spells doom for Windows RT I would wager.

Regardless of whether or not we see a Nokia tablet now or not, we do know that big things are in store for Nokia and Microsoft this year. From new Nokia handsets to rumors about Windows Blue for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – 2013 looks to be epic.

Would you buy a Windows 8 Pro device with a 7-inch display?

You have to wonder though, does a 7-inch display even make sense on Intel? Do we need the extra power and the ability to run full Windows legacy applications on the desktop? I suppose it could be great for docking to a bigger monitor, though. Of course we can’t say for sure Nokia is even planning a smaller screen device – it could be a full 10-incher.

That said, Nokia’s best bet is to establish themselves as something truly different from existing Windows 8 and RT devices, and being the first 9-inch or smaller device is a good way to do it.

Additionally, I think that Nokia’s best bet is if it can hit under $350, can an Atom device do that? Considering there are budget Intel smart phones on the horizon, I’d say yes. Still, if I were Microsoft I would be falling over Nokia to convince them to release an ARM version too though, if only to keep continued interest in Windows RT.

What do you think? Would a smaller Windows 8 Pro tablet make sense or is Windows RT better suited? Additionally are you excited about the rumored Nokia handsets running Windows Phone 8 or not? Share your thoughts below.

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