Second Wave Of Intel Bay Trail Processors Incoming, And Fast

report that offers details of the second wave of Atom Bay Trail chips that are in the pipeline. It is said that no less than 9 different models are being prepared — and some of these will offer graphical performance increases of up to 16 percent. The most powerful in this lineup will be the Intel Atom Z3795, a quad-core chip that can fly at clock speeds of 2.39GHz. On the low end side we have the Atom Z3735E, with a maximum speed of 1.83GHz, supporting just 1GB of RAM maximum. These are, for the most part, similar to the Clover Trail+ chips released in February 2013, hot on the heels of the vanilla Clover Trail line up that made its way to the market in September 2012. Long way. Word is that these new chips will be out of the gates in the second quarter of the year.]]>

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