The MSDN Forum Gets A Modern New Redesign

Microsoft is slowly but surely moving its entire product family to what it calls the Modern UI. Everything from Windows 8 to Windows Phone, Windows Server to Windows Azure and more have been redesigned according to the Metro design philosophy.

And today the company has announced that its MSDN developer forum is the latest to receive the new facelift. According to Microsoft, it is now easier to find what users are looking for. And instead of clicking on a long list of categories, users can search for a specific topic right from the beginning.

Redmond shared the news in a new blog post:

“You can search directly from the root and get results immediately. The categories show up on the right hand side allowing you to filter your results. We’ve also reformatted the page to provide more space for your content and added previews so you can see what the thread is about before opening it.”

Additionally, and excitingly, if a user is coming to a MSDN forum topic from a web search engine (like Google and Bing), the search query is transferred to the forums automatically. Users can continue the search without leaving the page.

These new changes seem to have been well received by developers, as MSDN is increasingly gaining importance with the technology titan’s emphasis of encouraging coders to develop for its platforms.

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