Azure Stack is Microsoft’s answer to a hybrid computing solution, designed to make it easy for businesses to deliver their chosen Azure services right from within their own data centers.

Stack combines IaaS and PaaS in one stack that runs from on-site data centers to the Azure cloud, sharing a standard architecture.

Azure Stack was created to ensure that businesses can use a hybrid cloud solution but on their terms, using the power the cloud offers while maintaining a hands-on approach to considerations such as latency, customizations, data sovereignty and regulations. With Azure Stack, you can:

  • Build hybrid cloud applications, deploy them and operate them consistently across Azure and Stack.
  • Process data in Azure stack and aggregate within Azure to address connectivity requirements and latency, while sharing application logic common across both platforms. This gives you the absolute best solution for edge and cloud computing, unlocking business value that was never possible before.

Integrated Systems

These are offered by way of a partnership between Microsoft and their hardware partners, providing a solution that combines cloud innovation with the simplicity of computing management.

Azure Stack is an integrated system of software and hardware, providing users with complete control and flexibility, as well as being able to take advantage of cloud innovation.

Integrated systems range from 4 to 16 nodes and joint support is provided by both Microsoft and the hardware partner.

Regulatory Requirements

In the context of global deployment, businesses sometimes need to host multiple instances of one application to Azure or Azure Stack, dependent on your technical and business requirements.

Applications can be developed and deployed in Azure with the flexibility for on-site deployment using Stack to meet policy or regulatory requirements without the need to change a single piece of code.

On-Premises Application Models

Azure web services, serverless computing, microservices architecture and containers can be applied to keep legacy applications updated or to extend them, while maintaining a DevOps process consistently across the cloud and on-site deployments.

Azure Stack, together with Azure, provides business users with a consistent hybrid cloud environment that is dynamic, shifting to meet your ever-changing needs.