Windows 8.1 Build 9369 Doing Rounds On Private Torrent Trackers

The Windows Blue saga takes a rather interesting turn, it seems. After rumors and murmurs, screenshots and screen (well you get the drift) we were recently graced with a leaked build.

But that was a few weeks ago. The latest is that a new build has been circulating private trackers.

Yes, this is the same build that as featured in the latest batch of released screenshots, which you can find here. Build 9369 to be exact of Windows Blue or Windows 8.1, whatever title you fancy.

And you know the thing with private trackers — a public release could be well within range now.

Microsoft actually provided some of its select partners a new build of the operating system, one of which seemingly was generous enough to upload it to private torrent trackers. Keen technology enthusiasts are, of course, expecting to get their hands on it soon.

The earlier build released obviously carried a version number 9364, meaning this new build only comes with a minor number increase. In other words, there is no point in expecting any huge or big changes — other than the fact that this is a 64-bit version of the previously leaked build that was 32-bit only.

According to insider news, Microsoft is currently readying the first public beta of Windows 8.1, which apparently it plans to release at the BUILD conference in June.

The final version of the upcoming OS is on track to see daylight sometimes this summer.

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