Windows 8 Marketshare Overtakes Mac OS 10.8

While market growth for Windows 8 might be a little slow, there is no denying that it is moving forward. According to new information from Net Application’s web site, the week of January 20th now sees Windows 8 installed on 2.45 percent of PCs worldwide.

Sure, this isn’t a huge amount, but that’s not bad for a new OS that is a radical departure from the familiar. It is also worth noting that that’s equal to Mac OS 10.8’s market share. For those that don’t follow the Apple world, 10.8 is the most recent version of Mac’s OS. It’s also worth noting that Windows RT (or as they call Windows 8 touch?) has .08% of the market, bringing total Windows 8 market share to 2.53%.

This is encouraging news for many reasons. First, like I mentioned Windows 8 is a big change that some will avoid at first. The second is simply that we live in an age where PCs last longer and upgrades are less important.

I know many people who wouldn’t mind eventually buying a new PC, but their 4+ year-old Core 2 machines are still holding up OK and with the economy the way it is– there are other things that are at the top of the “purchasing” list long before a new PC.

In a few years, Windows 8 will probably see a dramatic jump up as users finally ditch their aging XP, Vista and even Windows 7 machines. For the time being, Windows 7 will continue to be King. For now that means 45.77% of PCs run on the OS, 5.01% run Vista, and 38.18% run Windows XP.

Windows 8 continues to jump up in installed share with each of these releases, so that means not everyone feels Windows 8 is such a bad choice I’d wager. What do you think of Windows 8, will it eventually catch on when it comes to mainstream success or will most users not move to the new Start UI until Windows 9?

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