Windows Users Now Have Access To More Than 525,000 Apps

statistics published on the “Microsoft by the Numbers” website, there are now more than 525,000 apps in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store combined. The company further explained that hundreds more are added every day. Breaking it down further reveals that the Windows Phone Store currently houses over 350,000 unique applications, while the Windows Store has around 190,000 to its name — a long way out from the 5,000 apps in the Windows Store back when Windows 8 launched, that’s for sure. Corresponding figures for the Google Play Store reveals the availability of more than 1.3 million apps, while the App Store passed this milestone this September. Less than half the choice on Microsoft stores. But with a little more streamlining of the development tools, and the emergence of universal apps that run on both phones and tablets, the future is bright for the Windows platform.]]>

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