32 New International Outlook Domains Rolled Out

The Hotmail retirement is in full swing, as Microsoft continues moving its entire user base to the Outlook.com platform. Redmond expects this process to be completed by the summer.

But while all that is underway, the technology titan is also unveiling new improvements to its flagship email service. Microsoft has just announced the availability of 32 new Outlook email address domains for users to easily access their inbox.

No matter whether you are living in Australia or Austria, Brazil or Malaysia — Microsoft has got you covered. The company explained it all in a post on the Office blog:

“We also heard from some of you that you’d like to be able to have an @outlook address that is unique to your country (e.g. @outlook.de), so here is the list of new @outlook email domains that will be available in the next few days.”

A quick glance at the list of available counties shows that the United Kingdom is missing for the time being. Surprising indeed, when you consider that many countries large and small have made the cut, like Latvia, Peru and Vietnam.

The list will most likely be updated in the near future, so expect more markets added to the mix soon.

It will be interesting to see just how many make use of this new feature, and get an Outlook address that is unique to their country. Still this is a positive new development, and hopefully one of many to come as Microsoft streamlines its email platform.

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