33% of Global IT Workers Interested in Windows 8 For Their Next Work Device

In the tablet world, there is no denying that Apple is the king with its iPad. Next in line would come a variety of Android-powered devices such as the Google Nexus 7. Then in a distant third you have Windows 8-powered devices and an even more distant fourth probably comes Windows RT.

What about in the business world though? We already know that consumers are still favoring the iPad, but is this same mentality strong in the enterprise environment? Or more specifically, the business IT world. According to a new survey conducted by Forrester, the IT world has very different needs and demands when it comes to tablets.

While iPads and Android tablets are still front-and-center here, 32 percent of global information workers are interested in Windows 8 as the OS on their next tablet for the workplace. If this data holds up, that translates to roughly 200 million global IT workers.

With Microsoft Surface Pro arriving this week, that level of interest could continue to jump upwards. The reality is that IT pros like the idea of having a device that works well with their existing Windows infrastructure, and understands that Windows 8 tablets are “real PCs” not consumption devices.

Of course “interest” doesn’t mean it will happen, as it is largely up to their employees, unless they happen to work at a business with a BYOD policy in place.

The bottom-line is that Windows 8 is still worlds above Android and iOS for productivity purposes. I will agree that the gap is closing quickly, but there is still a noticeable difference between what you can get done with a hybrid Windows 8 tablet compared to something like the iPad or Nexus 10.

So why is this important? Win the IT workers, and you could win the business. IT workers are often responsible for handling the transition to new software and hardware for companies. If you win the entire business, then you can turn that into success in the home consumer market as well.

It is simple, many times folks get used to using certain devices at work. As they become comfortable with them at work, they are much more likely to buy them for home use as well. This is one of the many reasons why doing well in the enterprise world is important for Microsoft with Windows 8.

What do you think, could Microsoft’s Windows 8 find wider success in the IT business and even standard business world over the next year and going forward? Share your thoughts below.

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