50 Megapixel Lumia 1030 Reportedly Lacks Xenon Flash

leaked in the form of some photos that were published from China. However, while the follow up to the popular Lumia 1020 looks good overall, it lacks an important feature of its elder cousin. While some basic specifications have already leaked, it appears that an insider is out with some more details regarding the device. According to this report, the handset will feature a new 50 megapixel camera sensor, but it does not come with the popular Xenon flash. Interestingly, and disappointing, as Xenon flash has been present on Nokia flagships since the Nokia N8 made its way to the store shelves back in 2010. Word is that the handset offers a new fourth generation short pulse LED flash, which some consider a bit of a step back in flash technology. There has been no official word on this from Microsoft, so we’ll have to take all this at face value for now. But considering the fact that the latest Qualcomm processors natively support photos up to 55 megapixels, the 50 megapixel bit sounds about right. Let’s hope the Xenon flash issue is settled too. Or at least, Microsoft offers a really capable alternative.]]>

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