ACI Worldwide Taps Microsoft Azure For Payments

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ACI Worldwide has teamed up with Microsoft for its Universal Payments, with this collaboration enabling customers to license this technology on the Azure platform.

The company is a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions.

And it says that as a result of this partnership, its on-premises customers will benefit from enhanced security, along with reduction in long-term capital expenditure. Adopting a scalable model for cloud-based infrastructure will be of particular help to neobanks.

As well as innovators within existing banks and intermediaries.

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Craig Saks, chief operating officer, ACI Worldwide.

“We have witnessed increased global interest in and rapid adoption of ACI’s payments technology in the cloud from both new and established organizations. In fact, we have secured two significant acquirer clients running our UP Retail Payments solution on Microsoft Azure.

As global trends, changing business models and innovation create a new set of challenges for the world of payments, this collaboration will allow banks and other organizations committed to innovating and moving to the cloud to become more agile, deploying new payment services more quickly. In addition, they can develop proof of concepts, and launch and test them in the marketplace at a low cost – this is already gaining traction among our customers.”

This global strategic collaboration with Microsoft is made as part of the Microsoft Partner Network.

ACI already counts itself among the top 10 global ISV partners in the financial services industry, and the company will now team up with the Redmond based technology giant to support industry growth and extend the reach of its own service portfolio.

ACI Worldwide powers electronic payments for more than 5,100 organizations across the world, and executes $14 trillion each day in payments and securities.

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