Ad Alert – Microsoft Caught Placing Ads in Windows 10 Flagship Apps

Older versions of Windows 10

And not for the first time. The ads have begun appearing in the Calendar and Mail apps

And there is no way of removing them, according to official sources. Why has this gotten people so upset? Because they are finding them in Windows 10 apps – in a product many people paid a lot of money for.

It isn’t the first time the Redmond company has done this. The self-same ads were seen last year although, at the time, Microsoft claimed they were just experimenting. It looks like they feel the experimentation worked and the ads have now gone live on all Windows 10 devices.

Right now, there isn’t any way of disabling them and Microsoft’s only suggestion is that you submit formal feedback to let them know if you want them or not. The likelihood is, it won’t make much difference; these are stock Windows 10 apps – if you use them, you’ll see the ads.

Is this the start of advertising in premium software? Many people purchase products as a way of keeping the ads out and now it looks like Microsoft is forcing them on us by adding them to core Windows components.

The only thing we can say is that the ads are not intrusive, typically showing up in the bottom left corner – there are no animations, no sounds and you will only see them if you use Mail and Calendar.

I guess the big question is, why are Microsoft doing this? Typically, ads are included as a way of generating revenue but its hard to believe that Microsoft doesn’t make enough money from its software – if not, why don’t they just up the price a little and keep the ads out?

Many people believe that Microsoft are crossing a line that should never be crossed – what do you think?

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