All Versions Of Internet Explorer Set To Be Patched This Week

Eh, almost all versions, from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 10. All these versions are suffering from a security flaw that makes Microsoft’s flagship browser vulnerable to drive-by attacks.

The company has already announced this in an advisory, without providing details on the matter.

But according to security firm Sophos, patching these recent flaws is a priority for Microsoft, not just because of the vulnerability that shows up while browsing the Internet, but also due to the fact that it affects a large number of computers the world over:

“That means that simply visiting a boobytrapped webpage could silently infect your computer with malware – hijacking your PC for a hacker’s own ends.”

Microsoft announced the special fix last week, just as the company seems to be gearing up to launch Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7.

In fact, when it comes to version numbers, even the age old Internet Explorer 6.0 commands a 6.69 percent share, enough to warrant a place as the fifth most popular Internet browsing program.

Overall, Internet Explorer remains the number one browser in the world according to the January 2013 statistics provided by research firm Net Applications. It is installed on at least 55.14 percent of all computers connected to the web.

Firefox takes the second place honors with 19.94 percent, while Google’s breezy Chrome browser is hot on its heels with 17.48 percent market share, more than good enough for the third position.

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