AMD Brings APU Powered Photo Editing To Windows 8

Advanced Micro Devices (yes, the famed CPU maker) is one of the many major companies that have publicly reiterated their ambitions for Microsoft’s newest Windows 8 platform.

AMD officials have in the past few months confirmed that they are betting big on Windows 8, and now the company has announced that it is bringing a Windows 8 optimized version of the popular Aviary photo editing application that will put the APU prowess of its processors to fine use.

PU, for the uninitiated, stands for accelerated processing units, and allows for performing parallel computation on the insanely fast cores of the graphics processing unit (GPU) instead of the serial and straight-forward central processing unit (CPU).

Aviary has optimized its software for Windows 8 to take advantage of the unique architectural advantages the AMD APU provides.

As Manju Hedge, the corporate vice president of heterogeneous applications and software developer solutions at AMD noted:

“Aviary is becoming the standard in mobile and online photo editing with over 3 billion photos edited thus far. By bringing Aviary to Windows 8, it enables the next billion photos across an even broader range of devices.

AMD is committed to supporting the future of industry-changing innovators like Aviary through investment by AMD Ventures and by enhancing user experiences on our award-winning APU platforms.”

The Aviary SDK now offers software developers a complete library of photo editing effects and filters that can easily be incorporated into applications, bringing an 11 times performance improvement.

This is one area that Windows has other platforms beat. If both Intel and AMD can make their marks in the tablet arena in the near future, almost the entire focus of consumer computing could potentially shift towards tablets — Windows tablets in particular.

Interesting times, ahead!

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