AMD Introduces Hybrid Mode, Looks Epic

Let’s face it, when it comes to Windows 8 tablets and hybrid devices, the scene is overwhelmingly ruled by Intel at this point. Although AMD does have a minor presence in the tablet world, they’ve yet to give us anything to be really excited about. Until now, hopefully.

Today AMD has introduced a new technology called “Turbo Dock” which basically means that AMD tablets featuring the Temash processor will be able to get 40% more GPU and CPU performance when attached to a dock, and then go into a lower power mode to conserve battery when used as a tablet device.

So what does 40% more mean? First you have to understand what kind of power Temash is capable of. While we can’t say too much until we get see it in more hands-on videos and reviews, AMD claims the processor has FIVE TIMES that power of Intel’s Clover Trail Atom Z2760 chip and yet is designed to have a similar battery life from the sounds of it.

Temash will exist in both dual-core and quad-core variants and will be shown off in more detail at MWC next week. AMD claims that the first devices that use Temash and the Turbo Dock technology will roll out later this year, but they didn’t offer any names when it came to the vendors planning to use the tech.

This Could Be Epic, If AMD Can Pull It Off

I am typing this from an AMD-based laptop. My desktop is also AMD, so you could say I’m a little biased, though I have used Intel devices in the past as well. That said, I mainly have favored AMD because I feel it has better bang for the buck, but when it comes to actual technology in place – Intel is almost always ahead of the game.

Temash sounds like it could change all of this, but only if it lives up to the hype. For enterprise and even regular everyday consumers, this could be big because it means that you could have a reasonably power efficient tablet that can handle most of your needs when you need to be mobile, but could run even more advanced programs when docked.

The potential here is huge, at least in my opinion. Unfortunately AMD tends to promise big and deliver modestly, judging by past performance. Sure, Temash might offer 5x power over the Atom, but will it have the same mobility aspects like great battery life and low-heat production? We really can’t say at this point.

At the moment, it is best to stay cautiously optimistic, but this could be good news all around. Not only does the concept of having more power when docked and more battery when using as a tablet sound great, but AMD-based devices tend to have a lower price tag than their Intel-based brethern.

What do you think, are you potentially excited about Temash or not? Share your thoughts below.

Check out the video over at Neowin.

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