Microsoft Goes After Pirates In Russia

Software pirates, that is. While Microsoft products are one of the most (if not the most) pirated software in the whole world, the company does not shy away from hunting those that involve in this practice.

Case in point is the recent showdown in Mother Russia where Microsoft went after a tire repair plant on February 19.

According to a news story on RAPSI News, Microsoft, Autodesk and Adobe decided to file lawsuits against a bunch of Russian companies they discovered were running unlicensed applications on their computers. The court was quoted as saying:

“The copyright owners went to court after law enforcement agencies exposed the defendants’ unlawful software use during a routine inspection.”

Eh, if only all things in life were this simple!

The three companies are seeking around $30,000 in damages, give or take. And if you are wondering how Microsoft managed to discover pirated content deployed on the company’s computer, well let’s just say it all came down to a routine inspection.

Yeah, a totally routine inspection — you’ll be amazed at how much stuff can be dug up in route inspections. Anyway, once the counterfeited software was discovered, Microsoft decided to go directly to court.

What becomes of this will be known to all in due time, but the quest for (software) justice continues.

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