Analyst: Users Still Can’t Live Without A Windows 8 Start Button

Over four months into the release of Windows 8, this is perhaps the worst kept secret that a lot of users have still not gotten used to the new Start Screen that replaces the classic Start Menu.

This, undoubtedly, is the biggest change in the user interface of the new OS, and one that a fair fraction of users have still not adjusted to.

Several analysts have already identified this as one of the most controversial change in Windows 8 — particularly with a desktop mode already present. Another analyst has recently weighed on this.

Lynn Min, a senior project analyst at CITES (Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services, whew!), talking to The Daily Illini said that the lack of a Start Button is affecting a lot of users as it is the most visible change:

“The Microsoft strategy is that they want to use the same user interface for the laptop, Microsoft phones, servers. So they want to use the same user templates across all the devices that they also make.”

So far so good, but the trouble starts when users use the desktop version of the operating system, with a good old keyboard and mouse:

“I tried to use (Windows 8) as Microsoft intended, and I absolutely hated it. But what I did was, I installed a program that brings the (traditional) Start menu back. It is amazing. So I’m using Windows 8, but since I have the program installed, I have the Start menu, so it looks exactly like Windows 7.”

Now, this may just be another person’s opinion, but it is hard to deny the fact that third-party applications that bring this feature back are enjoying wild success. All through this, the decision to dump the Start Button and relying solely on the Start Screen looks set to continue in future versions of the OS.

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