Apple Beats Microsoft’s 1.5 Billion Devices Milestone

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Microsoft has long bragged about its 1.5 billion active devices milestone, but we have entrant in this club. Apple has just beat Redmond with its fleet of devices that have surpassed this mark.

It has been a record quarter for the fruity company, thanks to its quarterly record revenue of $91.8 billion that is up 9% year-over-year. But as Apple announced in the earnings report, it now has more than 1.5 billion devices out there in the wild carrying its logo.

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As said:

“During the holiday quarter our active installed base of devices grew in each of our geographic segments and has now reached over 1.5 billion. We see this as a powerful testament to the satisfaction, engagement and loyalty of our customers — and a great driver of our growth across the board.”

Good going, eh?

Of course, for Microsoft this figure of 1.5 billion only represented PCs running the Windows operating system. For Apple, though, these numbers are much more diverse and this remarkable growth is driven by the iPhone, iPad, and of course, the Mac.

Shows the power of an always growing device portfolio, this.

Microsoft meanwhile is betting big on the PCs now, after abandoning the mobile market. On the hardware side, that is. The technology giant is currently pursuing a mobile strategy that is focused more on apps and services.

In that respect, Apple selling more iPhone units is good news for Microsoft as well — the more people use iPhone and Android devices, the bigger the chance of these users to install Microsoft apps as well.

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