Azure Gets New Data Management And Analytics Services

Data Management

Microsoft has enhanced data management capabilities of its cloud by launching two new services into general availability. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Data Explorer are ready for action.

If you have been keeping tabs on things, you may recall that the company announced a preview of its next-generation Data Lake Storage solution at the end of June last year, integrating it with Azure Databricks.

Now, the company is ready to take things to the next level.

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As so elaborately detailed, Azure Data Explorer (ADX) and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2) will provide users with new levels of flexibility when it comes to managing unstructured data, as well as data generated from interactions with mobile and web apps, social media and IoT devices.

Azure Data Explorer

ADX is a fully managed database service for carrying out real-time analysis of large volumes of streaming data that would normally be need to be preprocessed This is something that would require significant investment if done on on-premises systems.

According to the company, ADX is able to analyze 1 billion records of streaming data per second, without altering the state of the data or its metadata.

If this is not impressive, then nothing else is!

Azure Data Lake Storage

ADLS Gen2, meanwhile, is a data management service that includes a repository for storing structured and unstructured data that is compatible with Hadoop Distributed file systems. It also comes with an Azure Blob File System driver that allows the data to be accessed easily.

It is designed to tackle the data explosion by giving companies a place to manage all the data, with the service perfectly at home when used with analytics services like Power BI and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

This allows users to build reusable ETL packages without point and click simplicity.

Azure Data Explorer is available in 41 Azure Regions, not including West Central US, Germany or US Gov Iowa.

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