Azure Introduces Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

A server just for me, with no other tenant? Sign me up! Microsoft has finally introduced Azure Dedicated Host, a service for those seeking dedicated servers on the cloud platform.

Users can run both Linux and Windows VMs on these machines.

The Azure Dedicated Host service got its preview launch today, with this new cloud service allowing you to run virtual machines on single-tenant physical servers. What this means is that you will not be sharing any resources on that server with anybody else.

In other words, this is for those that want full control over everything that is running on their machines. Particularly excellent choice for enterprise that want to meet corporate compliance and regulatory requirements for physical security, data integrity, and monitoring.

These organizations will be able to control the host type, the underlying hardware infrastructure, processor brand, number of cores, as well as the sizes of the VMs they deploy.

With this move, Azure follows AWS and Google, both of which offered dedicated servers with very similar capabilities.

Previously, though, Microsoft Azure offered isolated virtual machines, with sizes designed for two very large VM types. Those are still available, but their use cases, obviously, are quite limited, compared to this new offering that is far more flexible.

Speaking of flexibility, Azure Dedicated Host will support Windows, Linux and SQL Server virtual machines, with pricing set per host instead of the number of virtual machines you end up running on them.

Prices start at $4.039 per hour, and you can currently opt for machines with up to 48 physical cores. You can check out the full details, including the type of hardware on offer, here.

Azure Dedicated Host is available in most Azure regions.

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