Azure Lands On Kaleido Blockchain


Microsoft Azure is now generally available as a production cloud option on Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud, a cloud-based blockchain application and business platform.

Users also have the option of selecting direct Azure billing.

The cloud platform moved out of tech preview after growing interest from users. This new development means that blockchain based consortia can set up, manage, and operate native cross-cloud and hybrid decentralized enterprise ecosystems easily.

And these can span seamlessly across public and private cloud deployment options.

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In the words of Steve Cerveny, Founder and CEO of Kaleido:

“As clients are digitally transforming and moving the business operations to the cloud, we are focused on solving the challenges involved in forming these modern, more collaborative business ecosystems. With this announcement, Kaleido makes it easier for their business networks to grow and scale.  Doubling down on our capabilities and integration into Azure and the Azure ecosystem brings their proven value to our users.”

Entities that run their consortium on Kaleido can have their participating members join the cloud platform of their choice.

Decentralized ownership of the network across multiple cloud providers and different geographic regions has now become a foundational enterprise blockchain requirement. And these cross-cloud capabilities will become all the more important as these solutions grow and scale.

You can find out more about the Kaleido enterprise blockchain service on its official website.

Or check out the SaaS solution on the Azure Marketplace here.

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