Azure Portal Gets A Fresh New Look

Azure Portal

About time. Microsoft has updated the Azure Portal with a stylish new look. The company also added in a bunch of new features and easier navigation while at it.

The Azure portal is a unified console that users of the cloud platform can use to build, manage, and monitor everything from a single place. They can view and manage their web apps, databases, virtual machines, virtual networks, storage, and Visual Studio team projects.

Enterprises can also personalize the portal on the basis of team and projects.

Details here.

But long story short, things start with the Microsoft Azure home page getting some navigational improvements that make it easier for users to find and add functions. The new capabilities also include improved dashboard tile functionality and enhanced Azure Container Instance integration.

Azure Portal Redesign

Leon Welicki, principal group program manager for Azure portal, talked about this in a blog post:

“The new Azure portal home page is a quick and easy entry point into Azure. From there, you can find recently visited resources, navigate to commonly used services and discover how to use specialized services to learn, monitor, secure and optimize your applications and infrastructure.”

In terms of functionality, Microsoft now highlights the primary services in the Azure services section at the top. Access to other services is provided in the list.

The home page, meanwhile, displays 12 recently used resources, but users can access the full list, too.

Redmond has also introduced a shared time range for tiles on dashboards. Previously, users had to set specific time range for individual tiles on Azure dashboards. But now they can globally specify the time for supported tiles.

Users can also now download the Azure mobile app to stay connected, informed and in control.

In addition, Microsoft also plans to release how to videos on the Azure YouTube channel, which will be related to Azure portal. These videos will help users to learn about specific features and make them more productive.

Good stuff.

Take a look at the Azure Portal redesign here.

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