Bing Visual Search added to Windows 10

windows 10 19h2 Bing

Bing is expanding its Visual Search feature to more places in Windows 10.

As a sign of the aggressive search for Search Engine traffic, Microsoft is innovating and finding new ways to expand the search engine.

The Search Engine is taking it’s “search the web with image” feature on the Photos app in Windows 10, where a simple click uploads the image to Bing’s Visual Search feature to help you find similar photos, and integrating that into the Windows 10 Search Bar.

Bing Visual Search

There’s also a new “Search with a screenshot” button at the bottom right of the Search menu.

Clicking on it opens up the screenshot tool in Windows 10, where you can capture what you want to search on your screen, and it will upload the screenshot to Bing’s Visual Search and show you similar pictures.

Bing says users are required to be running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update or newer for it to work and the feature is limited to the US for now.

The search engine is also introducing a more comprehensive flight booking experience this week.


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