Be careful – Windows 10 build 19536 has Bugs

Windows 10 bugs

Windows 10 build 19536 has been delivered to the Fast Ring and unfortunately it’s made its way into user’s hands with bugs.

We’ll be keeping track of the bugs that are unearthed and updating this page accordingly.

Now these bugs vary from simple display bugs to error messages that hinder functionality but we’ll try and state the various bugs we’re hearing about now.

If you have any updates, please leave them in the comments.

Windows 10 build 19536 Bugs

Windows Sandbox failed to start

Some users have reported that after installing the latest build, they get an error message whenever they try to launch the Windows Sandbox.

Windows Sandbox failed to start

Windows 10 build 19536 fails to install

Several users have reported having issues even getting the update to install.

Sometimes the update fails at the driver stage (35%), reboots then keeps rebooting when it tries to load and eventually undoes anything it has done and reverts.

Unfortunately, no solution has been found for this issue.

VMWare compatibilities problems

Some users have reported having VMWare compatibilities issues with Windows 10 build 19536:

Users are reporting that the install fails with the ISO. No solutions have been found yet.

Download error 0xc1900101

Some users have reported getting an error message when trying to download Windows 10 build 19536 labeled error code 0xc1900101

Fortunately, this is a known Windows 10 error code and some sites claim to have a solution. Here’s an example.

Stay tuned for more…

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