Codefresh Integrates With Azure To Simplify Helm

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Codefresh has announced today its integration with Microsoft Azure hosted Helm Repositories, an important step in making it incredibly efficient for teams to adopt the Helm ecosystem.

Founded in 2014, Codefresh is known for its pipelines that are uniquely designed for cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and Helm.

As the Helm ecosystem grows, the company is leading the way with Microsoft in making it easier for developers to build, test, and deploy Helm Charts. This can be done easily via the Codefresh GUI, and then the final results stored in the Azure Container Registry.

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Dan Garfield, Chief Technology Evangelist at Codefresh:

“Codefresh exposes and makes a lot easier the pattern that Helm is really designed for, which is to make your application, package it, store it, and then consume it. That way, you have disaster recovery built in because you can always roll back.”

This makes the solution even more valuable for teams that are using Kubernetes, because users can package Kubernetes applications with the charts, as well as the images they reference together.

Thanks to this integration with Azure, users can login to the cloud platform to add repositories to Codefresh without no additional authentication configuration required.

They can also push charts from Codefresh, and manage chart deployments in all connected Kubernetes clusters. Additionally, they can also geo-replicate their charts across multiple regions using the Azure Container Registry Geo-replication capabilities.

The company has put up more details on this integration for Azure Helm Repositories on its blog.

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